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EDGE196 presents a superior alternative to venture capital syndication and investment. EDGE196's unique approach issues Digital Assets providing investors with diversification and liquidity while allowing startups to receive faster funding from one source.

How EDGE196's Solution Works

Venture Capital

Venture Capital


Investors' funds are pooled for investment in disruptive startups around the globe

Venture Capital

Venture Capital


Receive seed funding from one single source.

EDGE196 vs. Current Industry Solutions

Crowdfunding Venture Capital
Unlimited Investors
Enhanced Liquidity
Global Diversification
High IRR for Investor
Unlimited Investors
Enhanced Liquidity
Global Diversification
High IRR for Investor
Unlimited Investors
Enhanced Liquidity
Global Diversification
High IRR for Investor
Unlimited Investors
Enhanced Liquidity
Global Diversification
High IRR for Investor

EDGE196 Advantages

Smart Contract

Smart contract for full transparency and trust-free investments

Enhanced Liquidity

Investors enjoy enhanced liquidity through secondary exchanges

Risk Mitigation

Distributed investments in startups mitigate the overall risk

Deal Structuring

3 stages of deal assessment

EDGE196 Benefits for Investors & Startups

  • Startups

  • Funding from one source, Mentorship & Market Access
  • Investors

  • Increased Liquidity
  • Lower Risk
  • Global Portfolio Diversification

EDGE196’s Two Digital Asset Classes

Digital Liquidity
  • EDGEX serves as a “bridge” or transfer of value between EDGE EQUITY and other assets on the Ethereum network and secondary exchanges
  • The value of EDGEX is based on the liquidity reserve and the ongoing demand for EDGE EQUITY.
Digital Equity
  • Gains value based on EDGE196's valuation
  • Secondary market liquidity
  • Convertible to EDGEX at any time

Profit Sources that Boost EDGE EQUITY Valuation

Issuance Fees

Appreciation from EDGE196's digital assets

Startup appreciation


Current Direct Investment Model

Startup pitch multiple times
Investors perform due diligence on the Startup.
Investors buy interest in the Startup company.

Digital Assets Investment Model

Unlimited number of startups can submit their profiles for investment.
Qualified companies receive quick funding.
Investors buy EDGEX digital assets and have enhanced liquidity options via secondary exchanes and EDGExSWAP

Why EDGE196 has Decacorn Potential

Addressable Market Potential

Global venture market is $294.8B with $100B addressable market

Lucrative Startup Access

By providing startups with funding from one source, EDGE196 will attract the most lucrative startups

Incremental Capital Reinvestment

EDGE196 reinvests returns from liquidity events into startups

Multiple Profit Sources.

EDGE196 has 3 profit sources and is revenue positive when the auction launches

Meet the EDGE196 Team

Founder & CEO

Dr. Jay Patel

Houston, USA

Investment Team

Deepak Sharma

Washington D.C., USA

Daniel Sloan

Houston, USA

Compliance Team

Jigish Dharaiya

Ahmedabad, INDIA

Asset Management Team

Mohit Shrivastav

Gujarat, INDIA

Rayaan Arif

Ahmedabad, INDIA

Deal Flow Team

Uday Molugu

San Fransisco, USA

Anand Sanghvi

Ahmedabad, INDIA

Outreach Team

Ramon Ascencio

Houston, USA

Sudip Chakraborthy

Kolkata, India

Andy Chopra

Houston, USA

Jason Balderas

Houston, USA

Romesh Patel

Houston, USA

Operations Team

Amit Singh Gohil

Gujurat, India

Albert Balderas

Houston, USA

Kamal Patel

Houston, USA

Rick Sanchez

Houston, USA

Vandana Rao

Houston, USA

Marketing Team

Heather Leighton

Houston, USA

Hayaa Gubitra

Houston, USA

Dilyara Myrzakhan

Houston, USA

Technology Team

Neeraj Satija

Houston, USA

Mahesh Sashital

Houston, USA

Andrew Higdon

Houston, USA

Tony Pham

Houston, USA

Richelle Billones

Houston, USA

Parth Devariya

Houston, USA

Advisors Team

Jerry Francese

New York, USA

Nikolas Joyce

Vancouver, CANADA

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