EDGE 196


EDGE196 is a trailblazing company of experienced investors and technical experts in innovative & emerging technologies, business development and Global Startup ecosystems

We are the world's first fully integrated ecosystem designed to support Startup’s journey from inception to fully established companies. Since its inception, EDGE196 has established itself as a global platform, which functions as a forum where intellect, technology, and hearts meet and collaborate. We are creating a cohesive environment for Startups, to transform them into successful businesses and to provide support to reach their maximum potential. Working closely with leaders and members of local communities, we work towards building a global platform which drives the development of ecosystems along a lifecycle. With years of experience, our team strives to understand the respective strengths and weaknesses of different geographical ecosystems and make the most of them.

Our Vision

Act as a catalyst between Startups, Investors, and Service Providers. Open avenues to a marketplace in a cross-border ecosystem. Maximize digital asset value through the EDGE196 syndication economy