EDGE 196


EDGE196 is a trailblazing company of experienced investors and technical experts in innovative & emerging technologies, business development and Global Startup ecosystems.

EDGE196 was founded in 2018 by serial innovator, entrepreneur and investor Dr. Jay Patel. He began by searching for outstanding champions, forming cross-functional teams, bringing in mentors and qualified investments that opened new channels of marketing and consulting.

EDGE196 is a new age enterprise with a purpose to provide Venture Capital investors the access to innovative and cutting-edge startups through our revolutionary syndication economy.

EDGE196 aims to provide Venture Capital investors with access to promising Startups through our revolutionary syndication economy, powered by 2 digital assets, secured and managed on a distributed ledger.

Focussed on creating short-term and long-term value for investors, our mission is to make investing in unicorns available to everyone.

Act as a catalyst between Startups, Investors, and Service Providers.

Open avenues to a marketplace in a cross-border ecosystem.

Maximize digital asset value through the EDGE196 syndication economy

EDGE196 will initially utilize the Ethereum Blockchain and its widely adopted Smart Contracts for ease of use and acceptance within the Startup community. In the future EDGE196 will continue to adopt new technologies to stay at par with the ever-evolving technology in the world.

The syndication economy is powered by three different digital assets, secured and managed on a distributed ledger (the Ethereum blockchain).

Investors benefit from continuous liquidity, improved risk distribution and access to startups which have undergone rigorous due diligence and a 3-tiered analysis of the company fundamentals by global experts.

Startups benefit from industry leading mentorship, market access and a single source of investment funds.

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Startups benefit from top level mentoring, market access and a single source of investment funds.

The EDGE196 ecosystem allows investors to gain access to companies, which have undergone rigorous due diligence and a 3-tiered analysis of the company fundamentals by global experts.

The solution allows participants holding the EDGE196 class of digital assets to benefit from continuous liquidity and improved risk distribution.

EDGE196 is using its stringent screening process to evaluate investment opportunities. We have a three tier deal management & selection process.

We have curated and engaged 100+ contributors and partner services spanning across 100 cities and 50+ countries. Partner

EDGE196 launched Global Startup Competitions to identify Startups exhibiting the most promise during our own Startup and pre-ecosystem days.

We are currently taking applications for the Asia Fintech and Blockchain Startup Competition. Winner will get $25K - $200k Funding & Mentorship.

Another event we recently sponsored is Block Hack Global. It is a virtual 6-weeks hackathon organized by Bitcoin Bay.

In the past, we have launched two events. One launched in September 2017 focused on the Fintech sector. 1000+ Startups from more than 70 countries applied, of which 14 Startups were selected for the Grand Finale.

Our first Startup Competition was launched in April 2017 that focused on the India region. 1100+ Startups applied and 7 Startups reached the Grand Finale.

EDGE196 is in the process of getting listed on the primary & secondary exchanges. List will be updated soon.

You may contact us by hello@edge196.com

a. Daily auction held by EDGE196 - EDGEX digital assets only

b. Secondary Market Exchanges - EDGEX, EDGE EQUITY


d. Bancor Network - EDGEX digital assets only

EDGEX is a digital asset, which acts as a liquidity bridge to transfer value between, EDGE EQUITY, assets on the Ethereum network, and secondary markets. It allows investors to convert ETH to EDGEX and further convert EDGEX to EDGE EQUITY. EDGEX is scheduled to launch in Q4, 2020

The EDGE EQUITYdigital asset is a digital asset which represents equity in the EDGE196 company. EDGE EQUITY is scheduled to launch in Q1, 2021

Since 100% of the funds raised would be invested in Startups and the Liquidity Reserve, EDGE196 would receive EDGEX digital assets equal to 2% of the daily EDGEX digital asset issuance in order to fund the company costs, operations and overhead expenses

EDGE196's auction would be listed on partner exchanges. In order to participate in the auction process, investors would need to hold EDGEX on their wallet which can be obtained through secondary trading.

Auctions run every 24 hours on a continuous basis, and each day investors may invest as much or as little as they desire while they continue to benefit from the purchasing power of the whole group. Investors may earn both individual and group bonuses based on their participation.

The Group Bonus encourages group participation and engagement by giving investors who participate in a given daily auction a greater discount on the price of EDGEX once the daily auction reaches above 100% of the daily goal.

The Individual Bonus benefits large contributors to the Daily Auction by a multiplier incentivizing daily lead investors.

Investors can purchase EDGEX and EDGE EQUITYdigital assets via secondary market exchanges licensed as Alternative Trading Systems (ATS), Over-the-Counter (OTC) or regular currency exchanges (limited to non-US investors)

SmartSwap is a decentralised exchange bridge that provides a trustless Peer-to-Peer and Peer-to-Community trading technology built on the Ethereum ERC protocol.

EDGEX digital assets are redeemable through the Liquidity Reserve, which adds multiple tiers of smart contracts above Bancor’s slippage protocol for fair redemptions and unlimited liquidity. Users will be able to redeem EDGEX for ETH and other available major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

EDGE196 provides liquidity through the liquidity reserve and secondary market exchanges.

As part of the multi-tier reserve process, EDGE196 will allocate 10% of the daily contributions to purchase EDGEX digital assets from other investors at market rate.