EDGE 196

Startup Competitions

EDGE196 launched Global Startup Competitions to identify Startups exhibiting the most promise during our own Startup and pre-ecosystem days. This startup competition is a prestigious virtual elevator pitch contest where leading founders showcase their business ideas to the panel of investors. Objective is to identify the next generation of startups leading the transformation of the fintech and blockchain industries and to invest in them. At this time, two such competitions have taken place and application for the third global competition is now open.

Application to the Asia Fintech and Blockchain Startup Competition is now open

Second Startup Competition.

Launched in September 2017. Focused on the Fintech sector. 1000+ Startups from more than 70 countries applied, of which 14 Startups were selected for the Grand Finale.

First Startup Competition.

Launched in April 2017. Focused on the India region. 1100+ Startups applied and 7 Startups reached the Grand Finale.