EDGE 196

Our Startup Ecosystem

Starting a new business is a daunting endeavor. Yet many ambitious entrepreneurs across the globe try this path at some time in their lives. We strive to help them reach their dreams.

The Current Scenario

While governments and organizations worldwide do not keep a close track of the number of new Startups emerging annually, research suggests that approximately 400 million Startups are active annually at some stage of business development. Most great ideas, however, never come to fruition. An analysis of Startups (specifically the high growth tech ventures), shows that 92% of them fail within the first three years. However, some investment firms claim to have lower failure rates.

Our ‘3M’ Solutions

EDGE196 combines three vital elements to enable Startups to succeed inside a unique ecosystem: Money, Mentorship, and Market Access


We receive investment funding through our sophisticated investor network, which allows portfolio companies to receive funding from a single source.


We provide access to our preselected network of mentors whit expertiese in law, finace, technology, research, marketing, training, leadership, process, compliance and quality systems.

Market Access

We provide assistance with a ready-made marketplace where deals get approved, products and solutions are validated, partnerships are forged, and results are delivered.

Advantages Over Traditional VC Firms

EDGE196 is a unifying force in the dysfunctional VC economy that brings innovative and transformative solutions to its portfolio companies such as Blockchain technology, global innovation and the fostering of strong mentorships and advisory relationships.

Our technology is BUILT ON BLOCKCHAIN

Blockchain technologies have the potential to revolutionize the entire angel and VC investing industries. EDGE196 is at the forefront of leveraging these assets for the benefit of all EDGE196 platform participants. Our blockchain platform with smart contracts has a profound impact on the process of investing money. Moreover, it will enable Startups to get funded in ways that go beyond traditional share sales.